Peru with a Purpose

I wish I could take credit for this post, but that honor goes to Leslie Carter.  I stumbled across her blog (mainly because she’d stumbled across mine) and found this post, which I really enjoyed!  I have a feeling that you will too…

So do yourself a favor, click on the link below and enjoy!

Peru with a Purpose.



Moving to a new city… (Part 1)

My whole life took a dramatic turn when I met my wife…

Less than three months later, my father died. Seven months after that, we got pregnant!  Due to some really messed up stuff involving my brother and a “family-friend” (that’s a whole different topic that I may or may not get to eventually), we had to move out my house and into an apartment .  I started a new job teaching at a charter school and then BAM!… I get a call from my wife telling me to get home quick!

After a long labor (I swear, her mother being there was more stressful on her than the agonizing pain she endured delivering naturally), our son was born and the whole world around us swung wildly in new directions, unbeknownst to us in that lost moment that seemed to never end, though could never be long enough!

When my son was five and a half months old, I was laid off of my job as a teacher and all seemed lost.  My wife’s family had a business in New York City that had just cleared some legal issues in court and was in need of some TLC, so we packed ourselves up and moved from L.A. to NYC…

Holy crap! I never knew just what a logistical nightmare it was to literally pack up your entire life and move everything across country!  There’s the obvious things such as packing things into boxes and labeling them appropriately to ease in the unpacking process, choosing a moving company to transport your stuff and forwarding your mail, to name but a few.

But ALL of the other stuff tucked inside of those self-evident items of concern, in addition to the cavalcade of other things you never thought of (but are now suddenly thrust into the thick of tackling before they tackle you), can really overwhelm a guy! Who am I kidding?  They did!

Now that I’ve “set the table,” so to speak, what comes next in this story is a host of advise, tips, do’s and don’ts and the inevitable stories that will be sure to make the toughest of you squirm in your seat, experience the heebie-jeebies and flinch in horror (kinda like when you witness another guy get kicked in the jewels – you can’t help but feel the pain!)… And all of this, neatly wrapped up within the next installment of my blog.

Kinda makes you wish you had a beer and some popcorn, don’t it?!  Never fear, for you have me and my misadventures to shed a ray of hope for you and yours… Or so, that’s how I hope this will translate!  If not, at least it’ll be a roadmap you’ll want to make sure you avoid.  Either way, I hope it helps!

There’s a first time for everything…

This blog is my way of sharing my experiences, joys, frustrations, triumphs, failures, trials and tribulations of being a first-time father.  Everything is new to me…or at least it was!  All you need to do is simply take a moment to read a few lines, paragraphs or posts (depending on how you’re feeling) and be the judge for yourself.

My name is Dennis Brown, I am 41 years old and I grew up in a sleepy little beach community called El Segundo, which borders LAX airport near  Los Angeles, CA.  It’s a tight knit community, in which a massive percentage of its residents are born, bred, live and die there. It’s equally comforting and creepy at the same time!  But, then again, whose home town doesn’t share that dubious duality in some way, shape or form?  Honestly?

A few years ago, after many different jobs in many different industries, I began teaching and absolutely loved it!  Shortly thereafter, I met a girl through a mutual friend one night and was awestruck! That was the last time I spoke with my “friend,” and thus, had no way to find this amazing girl…

Two months later, serendipity stepped in, allowing me to find her again.  From that day forward, we’ve been together through thick and thin (even when we’d rather not), come hell or high water!

Since then, we’ve had a son, moved residences (across town and across the country), changed professions and lifestyles.  It’s a constant test of who we are, what we believe in, what we’re working towards and how to achieve them.

This blog is a chronicle of that journey, containing many side trips, tangents and anecdotes to help keep things in (or, is it out of) perspective.  My blog will also be a source of advise on multiple subjects across many platforms covering numerous topics in various arenas. Wow! That was a mouthful!

Your thoughts will prove to be invaluable, so don’t be shy! Your input can and will be a driving force in the direction and tone of this blog…