When I think of places that are kid friendly and fun for the whole family, there are a few tried and true examples that come to mind. One my family’s favorite is Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA, which is a little less than 1½ drive from NYC.

The only problem with these family fun destinations is that they’re operational abilities and availability to the public are subject to and at the whim of the weather.  Spring and summer are open season for families from hundreds of miles around to come and have a good time.  But the moment the temperatures drop, it seems like everyone shutters their doors and close up shop until the next year.

So, what are we to do when Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us and our kids are bouncing off the walls?  Some go skiing, while others go to Florida or the Caribbean.  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these options or have the patience to execute such plans.  I, along with innumerable others, fall into this last category…those without the time, money or patience to attempt or accomplish such endeavors.

Luckily, someone has stepped in to offer a solution to this dilemma.  It is not only time and cost effective, it is also familiar and guaranteed to please even the pickiest of family members. The answer is Sesame Place!

Sesame Place recently stepped up its game by opening its doors for the holiday season, despite the cold, to offer families across the region a shining beacon of hope during this otherwise desolate landscape of family oriented destinations.

As always, Sesame Place is full of friendly faces and all of your favorite characters, rides, shopping and attractions.  But what sets it apart is the way they have incorporated the holiday theme into all these previously mentioned things that they already do so well.  Sesame Place has dubbed it “A Very Furry Christmas.”

From the moment you enter the park, the spirit, sights and sounds of the holidays surround you. A magnificent Christmas tree greets you in the center of the entryway and is the focal point of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” one of the many scheduled shows throughout the park and the day.

You can sit in on the taping of a special holiday themed “Elmo’s World,” in which Elmo explores Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza with the help of his good friends Dorothy and Mr. Noodles. Elsewhere, you can join in the fun as Abby Cadabby learns about the meaning of Christmas from all of her Sesame Place friends.

One of the highlights of the day was the holiday parade, which stretched along the entire length of Sesame Street and included every Sesame Place character along with tons of dancers, performers and wonderful music.  My family, along with every other one as far as the eye could see, thoroughly enjoyed the day and evening spent at Sesame Place.

It was a welcomed addition to the normal holiday fair available at this time of year, but most importantly, it filled an immense void in the normal offerings available and was as close to a guaranteed good time for all as you could ever hope for!

For more information about Sesame Place and their holiday offerings, visit SesamePlace.com.  I know you and your family will be glad you did!



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